Best Relationship App for Couples

Keep The Spark Alive In Your Relationship!

A gamified relationship app for couples to up-level the fun, adventure, communication, trust and romance in your relationship.

Unbreakable Love spark app
Unbreakable Love spark app
Unbreakable Love spark app

Track Your Relationship's Strength

Keep an eye on how your relationship is growing in intimacy, communication, fun and love in action.

Spark App 5

Spice Up Your Relationship

Share intimate messages you wouldn't normally share. Improve your sex life and get the passion back.


Gamify Your Love Life

Spark enables you to both send each other fun micro-activities and cheeky challenges throughout the day.


Explore Relationship Resources

Spark includes a comprehensive learning area, packed with video tips and advice for couples.


Initiate Games And Activities

Fun challenges ranging from flirty to adventurous, deeply personal to outright silly.


Enjoy The Flexibility

Let Spark tell you what to do with an exhilarating guided experience OR use the app in a way that suits you best.

It’s not right that the busyness and stress of life gets in the way of realising your dream of a passionate, thriving and fulfilling relationship.

Finally, an easy to use, fun, interactive relationship app for couples that helps you build an extraordinary relationship.

Connection that matters

In a world where the hours, minutes and seconds rush by, it's not always easy to stay connected to your partner.

Do these sound familiar?


Your relationship has
become less of a priority.


The passion & spontaneity in your
relationship has fizzled out.


You feel disconnected
from your partner.


The mundane tasks have caused
you to lose playfulness and fun.

"We know that it’s hard to stay connected when modern life comes at you fast.  That is why we built the Spark App because we know your marriage is worth fighting for."

Fiona Leeworthy

Counsellor & Family Therapist (MCouns, GradDip Psycho, AdvDipFamTherapy)

4 Easy Steps To Keeping The Spark Alive In Your Relationship


Download The Spark App.


Get your FREE 14 Day Trial


Let the fun begin.
Send your first challenge.


Connect intimately
with your forever lover.

Happy Couples,
Great Reviews

Learn about Spark from other couples.


My wife and I have loved how much fun and interactive the app is. I’ve also loved seeing what lights her up and it’s been encouraging when she adds something she loves about me.

We have only been on the app for two weeks and are loving how it is connecting us and getting us talking about things that would normal feel uncomfortable.             

Great app and love the daily reminders and ideas and also how it tracks the 4 keys areas of a healthy relationship.                          

Spark App will help you find the way back to that passionate and intimate relationship you once had.

Spark App 5


Draw closer, build trust and resolve conflicts better.


Fun and Adventure

Smile more, laugh harder and create
happy memories together.

Connection that matters
Spark App 7

Love In Action

A simple way to help your partner feel special, honoured and valued.


Romance and Intimacy

Reignite your emotional intimacy and sexual chemistry.

It really is a marriage PLAYBOOK!! So much fun and it really works!!

Rated 5 out of 5
August 29, 2022

I have only had my book for a week but I am loving how easy it is for my hubby and me to open it and just start back where we left it. I have even found my hubby sneaking peaks through the rest of the book so excited to see what’s next.
It’s inspiring, intuitive, and so wonderfully warm. It feels like the book knows exactly where we are in our relationship and is taking us where we want to be. Thank you, Fi and Rick for creating such an amazing and helpful guide.


Never knew we needed an app like this!

Rated 5 out of 5
August 29, 2022

It made our relationship so much more fun and exciting!

Kelly M.

Let The Games Begin!

Whether your relationship is rock-solid or on the rocks, every couple will benefit from Spark. Use it to add some fun and adventure, improve your sex life, encourage better communication or just make that little bit of extra time for each other. Spark will help you keep the spark alive!

Unbreakable Love spark app
Unbreakable Love spark app
Unbreakable Love spark app
Unbreakable Love spark app

Your relationship is too important to let the challenges of the 21st century cause you and your lover to feel disconnected, unloved and unappreciated. Reconnect in an exciting and fun new way to keep the spark alive and be deeply connected regardless of life circumstances.

The only relationship apps we hear about are the ones that find us a partner. However, apps for relationships that actually deepen the bond between you also exist! Our Spark App allows you and your partner to bond, chat, flirt, and play no matter how far apart you are. It brings that 'spark' that many find missing into your relationship. Of course this isn’t just for those who are dating; its for married couples as well! Have you been married for years and need something to bring back the fun, or are you just married and want to start your journey together on the right foot? Download our relationship app for couples today!

Absolutely, it will! We understand that when you are in a long-distance relationship, connection with each other is difficult; however, with our Spark Relationship app for couples you can experience togetherness even when you're apart! Simply download and subscribe and challenge each other to fun and flirty games, track your growth, and discover the art of great communication. Download our relationship app for couples today!

Yes, it can! Why not give it a go and watch the relationship grow! We understand that as the years go on, your relationship can lose the spark when the fun disappears, your love and passion can fade. You need something new and fun to reignite the fire! Thanks to technological advances, we are able to develop unique and advanced ways to reignite the spark in our relationships. Relationship apps for couples are the new way to reconnect! Our Spark App is filled with fun and flirty games to build the romance and intimacy and grow your communication skills, putting your love into action. No matter how bad your relationship feels, our relationship app for couples is sure to reignite the spark.

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