How are the stress levels in your marriage?


Who would have thought that 2020 would look like it has, with a pandemic that has shaken the world?!

The full impact is yet to be seen, but what we do know is that marriages are feeling enormous stress as they try and live in an uncertain world. Stress can be a major contributor to relationship breakdowns, usually transferring from one person to the other, sending a couple’s mood spiraling down.

The normal response is to take the stress out on your partner by being short and snappy, by crawling up into a ball and hibernating, or by trying to control everything around you to reduce the anxiety that you feel.

Yet it’s a great opportunity to lean on your partner for support.

When you can first acknowledge and name the stress to yourself, then you can lean into your partner, communicate your fears & anxieties, and allow your partner to support you.

When couples operate like this in their marriages it presents a powerful opportunity to cover your partner and show them that although the world feels unsafe, that you are safe, and your marriage then becomes the safe haven it was created to be.

💥 WHAT IS THE BEST WAY your partner can support you when you are feeling stressed out? What would you need to do to become better at leaning into each other?

Have a great week!

Rick & Fi ❤️

About the Author

Fiona Leeworthy

Fiona is a Counsellor & Family Therapist (MCouns, GradDip Psycho, AdvDipFamTherapy and her husband Rick is a businessman, speaker and mentor. Together they share a passion to help couples build strong & healthy relationships in the midst of a busy life.

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