The Valentines Day blues…

Valentines Day

There are many reasons why Valentines Day can feel like the one day in the year that you want to forget. And for some that feeling is rightly so.

But what would it be like to celebrate anyway?

The truth is that Valentine’s Day is all about love, and sometimes the most important person you can love is yourself.

Here’s a few solutions that could turn your Valentine’s dilemma upside down, making it the best day ever!

❤️ ‘My partner doesn’t value Valentine’s Day’ –

Valentines Day

Your partner is not alone with that idea, in fact a recent study showed that 53% of people believe that you don’t need a specific day to show that you love each other.It’s a popular opinion!

However, what is your partner like at showing love every other day of the year? Love doesn’t have to be expensive, or magnified on one particular day, but it does need to be expressed in some way every day. Maybe today is the perfect opportunity to love on each other 😀If your partner doesn’t value the day, they can still be your Valentine’s – so show them love in some way and look for a moment to express how important that day is for you.

There’s always next year!

❤️ ‘My partner does Valentine’s Day badly’ –

Communicating about your plans is always a good idea. Men and women think so differently, so communication will remove any false expectations and help you have a great day.

Many men shy away from Valentine’s Day simply because the pressure to perform is too much.

It doesn’t need to be big and loaded with pressure, just make it simple and encourage big!

ie. A card, some flowers picked out of the garden, dinner at a local restaurant or a candlelit dinner at home.

❤️ ‘I don’t have a partner and Valentine’s Day makes me feel miserable’ –

It’s true, as couples all over the world celebrate Valentine’s Day, it can be a big reminder of your single life.But who says single isn’t amazing?!! So often we’re told that we aren’t complete unless we have a partner. This is simply not true!

No man or woman will ever complete you; you are unique, gifted and amazing just as you are! So, treat yourself today simply because of who you are, and/or do something special with a friend that can show them they are loved too.

❤️ ‘My partner recently passed away’ –

Valentine’s Day can be a sad reminder of the loss of your partner, and you wouldn’t expect to feel any different.

Sometimes planning something on that day with friends or family can make that day easier.

It’s also good to spend time remembering all of those wonderful days that you spent together.

You could say a prayer, light a candle or journal about your favourite memory of the two of you together.

Know that your partner is always a part of you – those memories, those words you used to speak over each other, the legacy you built together will always remain.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day this year despite your circumstances. Love truly is the greatest gift in the world, and it’s to be given freely.

Happy Valentine’s Day! 😍

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Fiona Leeworthy

Fiona is a Counsellor & Family Therapist (MCouns, GradDip Psycho, AdvDipFamTherapy and her husband Rick is a businessman, speaker and mentor. Together they share a passion to help couples build strong & healthy relationships in the midst of a busy life.

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